Do You Struggle to Use Will Power?

New Information About Will Power

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Greg Miller, a Northwestern University psychologist, has found that those who struggle to use will power to resist temptation and to persevere in achieving future goals have increased stress levels, premature aging of their immune cells, and decreased feelings of well-being.

You Need Not Struggle with Will Power

Might there be an easier way to persist in working for future goals? Yes, according to Professor Miller. He conducted experiments in which subjects were asked to spend a few minutes remembering an event that had made them feel grateful, neutral or happy and were then given a test of self-control and perseverance. Those who had felt grateful received higher scores than the “neutral” or “happy” groups. Further work showed that those who felt (rightfully, not arrogantly) proud of skills they had, and those who felt compassionate, also scored higher.

An Easier Way to Achieve Your Goals

If you struggle to use will power to resist temptation or to persevere to achieve future goals, you might want to try Professor Miller's approach instead. And summoning up memories of feeling grateful, proud and compassionate may help in other ways, too.